Grocery Store Tour Program – Alexandria, VA

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212 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Together We Bake offers a workforce and personal development program four times per year, an eight week program during winter, spring and fall, a six week program during summer. The holistic program has seven components. An easy way to remember the components is using the acronym F.I.E.R.C.E because Team Members are fiercely pursuing their goals. The acronym stands for: Food Handling, Income Management, Executive Leadership Skills, Recovery from Trauma and Behavioral Health Concerns, Certification and Employment and Ongoing Support. Together We Bake serves low-income women facing barriers to employment including homelessness, involvement with the criminal justice system, recent immigration to the country, domestic violence and/or mental health and/or substance abuse issues. TWB serves low-income women in need in the Washington, DC metro area.

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