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Formerly known as the Food Learning Locator, the Nutrition Navigator is an interactive online mapping tool designed to help D.C.- and Philadelphia-area communities uncover new layers of programs and resources within their local food system.

This tool, created by the Bainum Family Foundation and now facilitated by The Food Trust, highlights points of expanded access and affordability for healthy food, nutrition education opportunities, and job training programs in the agricultural and culinary fields. Powered by organizational partners throughout the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. regions, the Nutrition Navigator allows local nonprofits, public agencies and other services providers to input and update their own programs as a way to promote the important work they are doing, as well as join a community of practice of organizations working toward similar goals.

Don’t see your organization on the map? Fill out our New Organization Submission Form to see if your program is a good fit.

Note: The Washington, D.C. map covers points as far south as Northern Virginia and as far north as Baltimore. The Philadelphia map covers points as far west as Norristown, PA, and as far east as Camden, NJ. Stay tuned as we continue to expand!

Together, we can disrupt the systems that were built to separate us.

The Nutrition Navigator is driven by the belief that everyone should be able to access, afford, and learn about the foods that support our health and bring us joy. But we know our local food system doesn’t always work for everyone. We’re here to share resources that provide on-ramps to the local food system, critically in places where there have been barriers to accessing affordable, local and nourishing food, so that residents can take advantage of everything their neighborhood has to offer.

In other words, we’re here to hack the food system.

With the Nutrition Navigator, users can choose:

Find Healthy, Local Food Near Me

Any location that offers expanded fruit & vegetable options and/or farm-fresh products, such as farmers markets, co-ops and corner stores.

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Learn About Food & Nutrition

Any location that hosts nutrition education and/or health screenings, such as cooking workshops and series, recipe demonstrations and more.

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Stretch My Food Budget

Any location that issues or accepts nutrition incentive coupons that make healthy food more affordable, such as Food Bucks or Good Food Bucks (NJ).

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Train for Food & Farming Jobs

Any location that offers culinary or agriculture-related job training, or offers kitchen space for food business startups.

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Join Our Community of Practice

In a world where one can find most social services and school/community pantries online, what can The Food Trust do to both connect existing online resources and add value to how folks locate and access fresh food and nutrition education?

One clear answer is that we’ll need the feedback and input of our colleagues, fellow practitioners, partner agencies, stakeholders and network at large. If you want to get involved, contact us and we’ll find the best way to plug you in.

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