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Baking Training Program

At the Kitchen of Purpose Baking Training Program, we’re here to help you turn that dream into a reality. Our mission is to empower aspiring bakers like you with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to excel in the world of baking. This training is bilingual in English and Spanish and certified by the American Culinary Federation. Tuition Free to all eligible participants. Must be unemployed or underemployed and looking to obtain a job in the food industry.

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Culinary Training Program

Our bilingual (English/Spanish) culinary training program prepares low income individuals for meaningful careers in the food industry. The program is certified by the American Culinary Federation and NOVA Community College’s Workforce Development Department. Tuition Free! We welcome all residents of the DMV.

Covers all the basic culinary skills and techniques to succeed in the industry:

  • Introduction to Cooking: kitchen safety, knife skills, measuring tools and conversions, product identification, emulsions, vegetable cookery, egg cookery, stocks and mother sauces
  • Advanced Cooking: poultry, red meat, ground meats, pork, fish, seafood, deli foods, salads, baking basics and Latin American foods.
  • ServSafe & AllerTrain certifications.
  • Bilingual training in English and Spanish
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